"Subodh Das has wealth of experience, particularly in the field of Aluminum, has worked on various assignments in the field of aluminum, sustainability, and environment."

Sachin Satpute
Novelis- Korea

"Subodh is extremely knowledgeable about his space and added tremendous value to an aluminum-related transaction we executed at Houlihan Lokey in 2009. Our metals practice would definitely consider hiring Subodh again for diligence support, operations analysis, industry overviews or other expert assistance within the aluminum and light metals industries."

Michael Jenny
Executive Vice President
Houlihan Lokey

"I have known Subodh for several years as he has made several presentations at Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market conferences including events in Chicago, Detroit, and Vienna. He will also be speaking at our International Aluminum Conference in Bahrain. With many years of experience in diverse roles within the global aluminum industry, Subodh is knowledgeable in the several areas of the aluminum process."

Raju Daswani
Managing Director
Metal Bulletin

"SUBODH developed a creative approach to solve the nation's dependence on foreign oil and brought together a group of Fortune 500 CEOs to implement a successful technology advancement effort in the Aluminum production industry. SUBODH brings a rare combination of charisma and deep technical acumen to the field of energy efficiency and technology development. I would partner with SUBODH any time. He is a dynamo!! When I partnered with SUBODH, I was the Department of Energy official leading the nation's efforts to reduce industrial energy consumption by 25%. SUBODH was the major reason that we achieved our goals in the Aluminum industry."

Buddy Garland
Program Manager
US Department of Energy

"Subodh was a driving force behind the Sloan Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry at the University of Kentucky. It was a great pleasure to partner with him on the development of the grant and get the Center off the ground. He has enormous energy and a true passion for his work, is knowledgeable, and exhibited great devotion to his employees. He is a doer and I would gladly work with him again on any project."

Paul Jarley
Dean College of Business
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Dr. Subodh K. Das

CEO & Founder

P.O. Box 11668, Lexington, Kentucky 40577-1668
Phone: (859) 619-8386


  • Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering – The University of Michigan, MI (1974)
  • MBA Corporate Planning – University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1982)
  • M. Tech. Metallurgical Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India (1972)
  • B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering – Bihar Institute of Technology, India (1968)
  • 2009- Present CEO & Founder, Phinix, LLC: Provide global thought leadership and consulting services for the aluminum (and other energy intensive minerals, metals, materials and manufactured products) processes & products, energy efficiency & conservation, recycling & sustainability and carbon foot printing & GHG auditing & carbon management. Through synergistic collaborations and alliances with individuals and organizations, Phinix, LLC also provides services in the areas of the renewable energy project developments for agricultural methane and waste to energy from municipal solid wastes and carbon management services to cities, states and countries.
  • 1999-2008: President & CEO, Secat Inc. : Through an unique, synergistically connected and first its kind combination involving academic-government– industry partnerships of three research organizations, Dr. Das built : (1) Secat - for commercial technical research with intellectual property protection , (2) CAT - academic and long term technical research and (3) CSAI – business research, providing a forum to serve needs of over 100 aluminum companies all over the world.
  • 1999-2008: Director, Center for Aluminum Technology, University of Kentucky: Subodh founded and served as the first center director. This academic-industry -governmental (State of Kentucky and US Department of Energy) center is dedicated to conducting basic and applied research for the global aluminum industry.
  • 2005-2008: Executive Director, Sloan Industry "Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry: "Working with the University of Kentucky's Gatton School of Business, Subodh founded and served as the first Executive Director for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Sloan Industry Center for Sustainable Aluminum Industry (CSAI). The center primarily worked on the business and technology aspects of analyzing, devising implementable strategies and promoting aluminum recycling and enhancing recycling rates for all sectors: packaging, transportation , aerospace and building and construction.
  • 2004-2008: Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Mechanical, Chemicals and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky: As an Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Mechanical and Chemicals & Materials Engineering at the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, I lectured and supervised and mentored several students leading to bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.
  • 1981-1999: ARCO Aluminum, Louisville, KY, Vice President Technology & Quality: Subodh served as the Vice President of Technology and Quality for ARCO Aluminum, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Subodh’ ARCO (and Anaconda) activities (1981-1999) were involved with manufacturing aspects of alumina refineries (Joint Ventures in Jamaica and Ireland), qualifying aluminum rolling plant (Logan Aluminum in Kentucky, USA) and developing and commercializing ARCO Aluminum’s can sheet business. Subodh’ efforts and leadership led to the product development, customer qualification and market commercialization of aluminum beverage can sheet products produced from Logan mill, world’s largest can sheet mill in Kentucky, USA.
  • 1974-1981: Aluminum Company of America, Pittsburgh, Senior Scientist: Subodh started his career in the aluminum industry as a research scientist at ALCOA research center in 1974 at Alcoa’s Technical Center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Subodh’ ALCOA experience (1974-1981) was focused on improving & implementing existing and developing new aluminum smelting and carbon electrode technologies and obtained 20 US patents for Alcoa.
Selected Publications, Presentations and Articles
  • Aluminum Industry and Climate Change-Assessment and Responses

    Subodh K. Das and John A.S. Green Journal of Metals, February 2010 pp, 27-31
  • Enabling Environmentally-Informed Materials Selection Decisions: Robustness of Early Stage Lifecycle Assessment

    A. Allen, S. Das, F. Field, J. Gregory, and R. Kirchain
    Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Industries Studies , Annual Conference, May 1-2 ,2008 Boston MA
  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis: Aluminum versus Steel in Passenger Cars

    C.A. Ungureanu, S. Das, I.S. Jawahir
    Aluminum Alloy for Transportation, Packaging, Aerospace and other application, Edited by Subodh Das and Weimin Yin, TMS 2007 , pp 11-24
  • Presentation: “Anaerobic Digesters for Kentucky Dairies: Opportunities for Generating Green Energy, Carbon Credits and Producing “Carbon Neutral “Products”

    Dr. Subodh Das, Executive Task Force on BI0MASS and BIOFUELS Development in KENTUCKY
    Frankfort, KY November 4, 2009
  • Presentation: “Opportunities for Generating Green Energy, Carbon Credits and “Carbon Neutral”
    Milk Products“

    Dr. Subodh Das
    Kentucky Dairy Development Council Meeting, Broughtontown Community Center Crab Orchard, Kentucky December 11 , 2009
  • Presentation: “Upcoming Carbon Management Legislations: Impacts and Opportunities for the Global Aluminum Industry“

    Annual Meeting of the Mineral, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) in Seattle Washington during February 14-18, 2010
    Dr. Subodh Das
  • State Wide Task Force BIOMASS and BIOFUELS Development in KENTUCKY

    A collaborative effort of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy and the Energy and Environment Cabinet
    December 10, 2009
  • Presentation : “Aluminum Industry and Climate Change: Assessment and Responses“

    Dr. Subodh Das, Dr. John Green
    TMS Annual Meetings San Francisco , CA February 17, 2009
  • Proposal: Development of a Waste-to-Energy Project

  • Energy Technology: Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management, Alternative Energy Sources (2010)

    Published by the Minerals. Metals and Materials Society (TMS)
    Warrendale, PA, USA
  • The Development of Recycle-Friendly Automotive Aluminum Alloys

    Subodh K. Das, J.A.S. Green, and J. Gilbert Kaufman
    Journal of Metals Nov. 2007, pp 47-51
  • Recovering Aluminum from used Beverage Cans - the Dilemma of 900,000 Annual Tons

    Subodh K. Das John A.S. Green, Todd Boggess, Shridas Ningileri
    Light Metals, 2007 pp 1147-1152
  • Identifying Scrap Friendly Alloys using Chance Constrained Modeling

    Gabrielle Gaustad, Subodh Das, Randolph Kirchain
    Light Metals 2007, pp 1153-1159
  • Recycling Aluminum Aerospace Alloys

    Subodh K. Das and J. Gilbert Kaufman
    Light Metals 2007, pp 1161-1165
  • Emerging Trends in Aluminum Recycling: Reasons and Responses

    Dr. Subodh K Das, Light Metals 2006, pp 911-916
  • Designing Aluminum Alloys for a Recycle-Friendly World

    Subodh K. Das
    Light Metals Age , June 2006

    Also published in Materials Science Forum Vols. 519-521
    (2006) pp. 1239-1244
  • Improving Aluminum Can Recycling Rates: A Six Sigma Study in Kentucky

    Subodh K. Das and Margaret Hughes
    Journal of Metals , August 2006, pp 26-30
  • Understanding Recycling Behavior in Kentucky: Who Recycles and Why

    Fred W. Morgan and Margaret V. Hughes , Journal of Metals ,August 32-35
  • Presentation “Aluminum Recycling in a Carbon Constrained World: Observations and Opportunities“

    Presented by Dr. Subodh Das at the Aluminum Industry - Perspectives on our Future TMS -LMD Aluminum Plenary Session
    February 15, 2010 Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Presentation ”Aluminum Recycling an Integrated Industry–Wide Approaches Recycle–Friendly Alloys, Recycling Indices and Carbon Management”

    Presented by Dr. Subodh K Das at Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources at AIME Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, July 22-24, 2009
  • Aluminum Recycling-An Integrated, Industrywide Approach

    Subodh K. Das, John A.S. Green, J. Gilbert Kaufman, Daryoush Emadi, and M. Mahfoud
    Journal of Metals, February 2010 pp 23-26
  • Presentation Aluminum Recycling Index

    Dr. Subodh Das , International Conference on Aluminum ICAA 11
    Aachen, Germany September 25, 2008
  • Aluminum Recycling: Economic and Environmental Benefits

    By Subodh K. Das, John A.S. Green, J. Gilbert Kaufman
    Light Metals Age, February 22-24
  • Formability Evaluation of Recycle-Friendly Automotive Aluminum Alloys

    Subodh K. Das, Weimin Yin, Xiyu Wen, Yansheng Liu, Shridas Ningileri
    Society of Automotive Engineers , April 2008
  • Texture Evolution in Continuous Casting AA5052 Aluminum Alloy Hot Band During Equi-biaxial Stretching

    Y. Wen, Z. D. Long, W. M. Yin, T. Zhai, Z. Li and S. K. Das
  • Aluminum Wrought Products for Automotive, Packaging, and Other Applications - The James Morris Honorary Symposium

    Edited by S.K. Das, G. Jha, Z. Li, T. Zhai, and J. Liu TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), 2006
  • Energy Implications of the Changing World of Aluminum Metal Supply

    Subodh K. Das, W. Jerry Long III, H. Wayne Hayden, John A.S. Green, and Warren H. Hunt Jr.
    Journal of Metals , August 2004 pp 14-17
  • Trends in the Global Aluminum Fabrication Industry

    Subodh Das and Weimin Yin
  • Journal of Metals , February 2007 pp 83-87

    Aluminum Alloys for Bridges and Bridge Decks
    Subodh K. Das and J. Gilbert Kaufman
  • Aluminum Alloy for Transportation, Packaging, Aerospace and other application , Edited by Subodh Das and Weimin Yin, TMS 2007 , pp 61-72

    US Department of Energy Contract... “Improving Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Melting DE-FC07-01ID14023”
    Final Technical Report Improving Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Melting
    DE-FC07-01ID14023 March 2007 Principal Investigator: Dr. Subodh K. Das
  • The Worldwide Aluminum Economy: The Current State of the Industry

    Subodh K. Das and Weimin Yin
    Journal of Metals, November 2007 , pp 57-63
  • US Department of Energy Contract... “Modeling and Optimization of Direct Chill Casting to Reduce Ingot Cracking“

    DE-FC36-00ID13897, August 2005
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Subodh. Das
  • US Department of Energy Contract: “Evaluation and Characterization of In-Line Annealed Continuous Cast Aluminum Sheet”

    DE-FC36-01ID14024 , August 2005
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Subodh K. Das
  • US Department of Energy Contract: “Reduction of Oxidative Melt Loss Of Aluminum and Its Alloys”

    DE-FC36-00ID13898 February 2006
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Subodh K. Das
  • Kentucky Deportment of Energy Contract “Aluminum Melting Furnace Design Optimization to Improve Energy Efficiency by Integrated Modeling“

    July 2008, Sponsor: Governor’s Office of Energy Policy, Energy R&D Program
    Principle Investigator: Dr. Subodh K. Das
  • Kentucky Deportment of Energy Contract “Advanced Scalable Clean Aluminum Melting Systems”

    Principle Investigator, Dr. Subodh Das
    Funding Agency: KY Office of Energy Policy, December 2007
  • Participated in the creation of : “Advanced material for our Energy Future“..Monogram

    Produced by Materials Research (MRS), American Society of Metals (ASM), Minerals, Metals and Materials Society ( TMS)
    American Ceramic Society (ACER) and Associations for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) - March 2010
Books Written
  • Carbon Management for the Global Metals Industries by Subodh K. Das, PhD, MBA, PE, to be published by Wiley.
Books Edited
  • Energy Technology:Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management, Alternative Energy Sources (2010), Published by the Minerals. Metals and Materials Society (TMS), Warrendale, PA, USA.
  • "Aluminum Recycling and Processing" Edited by: John A.S. Green , Chapter 9, Published by American Society of Metals International, 2007
  • Aluminum Alloys Proceedings of the TMS 1998 Annual Meeting:CPackaging III
  • Automotive Alloys: Proceedings of the TMS 1997 Annual Meeting , Automotive Alloys II
  • Aluminum Alloys:Fabrication, Characterization and Applications Proceedings of the TMS 200 Annual Meeting (2008)
Selected Patents
  • US 4,046,558; 1977-09-06: "Method for the Production of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys"
  • US 4,053,303; 1977-10-11:"Method for Carbothermically Producing Aluminum-Silicon Alloys"
  • US 4,083,801; 1978-04-11: "High Purity Activated Carbon Produced by Calcining Acid Leached Coal, Containing Residual Leaching Solns."
  • US 4,083,940; 1978-04-11: "Coal Purification and Electrode Formation"
  • US 4,105,752; 1978-08-08: "Aluminum Chloride Production"
  • US 4,115,215; 1978-09-19: "Aluminum Purification”
  • US 4,121,983; 1978-10-24: "Metal Production"
  • US 4,179,345; 1979-12-18: "Controlled Wet ability Graphite Electrodes for Selective Use in Electrolytic Cells"
  • US 4,179,346; 1979-12-18: "Selective Use of Wet table and Non-Wet table Graphite Electrodes in Electrolysis Cells"
  • US 4, 259,161; 1981-03-31: "Process for Producing Aluminum and Electrodes for Bipolar Cell"
  • US 4,284,607; 1981-08-18: "Chlorination of Aluminous Materials Using Reselected Solid Reducing Agents"
  • US 4,308,115; 1981-12-29: "Method for Producing Aluminum Using Graphite Cathode Coated with Refractory Hard Metal."
  • US 4,396,482; 1983-08-2: "Composite Cathode"
  • US 4,459,274; 1984-7-10: "Chlorination Using Partially Claimed Carbonaceous Material as a Reluctant."
  • US 5,104,459; 1992-4-14: "Method of Forming Aluminum Alloy Sheet"
Synergistic Activities

Professional Engineer Kentucky (Since 1983)

Kentucky Governor’s Office of Energy Policy, Energy R&D Program

  • Aluminum Melting Furnace Designs to Improve Energy Efficiency, 6 partners – (2006-2008)
  • Advanced Scalable Clean Aluminum Melting Systems, 5 partners - (2005-2007)

US Department of Energy

  • Participation in the development of Technology Road maps for several major US industries, and subparts of those industries.
  • Technology Roadmap for Kentucky’s Aluminum Industry (2000-2002)
  • Technology Roadmap for Kentucky’s Industries of the Future (2002-2004)
  • Ongoing interactions and partnerships with virtually all of the US DOE National Laboratories including Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Development of numerous industrial partnerships and consortia for numerous successful proposals for the development of energy saving industrial technologies. Examples include:
    • Improving Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Melting (2001-2006) – 11 Partners - $4,500,000
    • Modeling Optimization of DC Casting to Reduce Ingot Cracking (2001-2004) – 6 Partners - $2,000,000
    • Reduction of Oxidative Melt Loss (2001-2004) – 8 Partners - $3,500,000
    • Advanced Scalable Clean Aluminum Melting Systems (2004-2007) – 8 Partners - $2,000,000
    • Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines (2005-2009) – 6 Partners - $4,000,000
    • Materials for Industrial Heat Recovery Systems (2003-2006) – Subcontracted from WH - $300,000
    • Materials for Efficient Handling of Molten Metal’s (2003-2006) – Subcontracted from WVU - $300,000
    • Evaluation & Characterization of In-Line Annealed CC Aluminum (2001-2004) - $2,000,000 – 3 Partners

US Department of Defense

  • Structural Factors Affecting Formability – (2002-2006) -3 partners
  • Development of Aluminum Alloys for Naval Applications through MTTC- ( 2004-06) – 2 partners

US Department of State

  • Linkage of Aluminum Technology Providers in the United States and India (2007-2009) - $500,000 – 7 Partners

Establishment & Management of major research centers

  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Sloan Industry Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry, the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA (2005)
  • Secat and Center for Aluminum Technology at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA (1999 )