"Subodh Das has wealth of experience, particularly in the field of Aluminum, has worked on various assignments in the field of aluminum, sustainability, and environment."

Sachin Satpute
Novelis- Korea

"Subodh is extremely knowledgeable about his space and added tremendous value to an aluminum-related transaction we executed at Houlihan Lokey in 2009. Our metals practice would definitely consider hiring Subodh again for diligence support, operations analysis, industry overviews or other expert assistance within the aluminum and light metals industries."

Michael Jenny
Executive Vice President
Houlihan Lokey

"I have known Subodh for several years as he has made several presentations at Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market conferences including events in Chicago, Detroit, and Vienna. He will also be speaking at our International Aluminum Conference in Bahrain. With many years of experience in diverse roles within the global aluminum industry, Subodh is knowledgeable in the several areas of the aluminum process."

Raju Daswani
Managing Director
Metal Bulletin

"SUBODH developed a creative approach to solve the nation's dependence on foreign oil and brought together a group of Fortune 500 CEOs to implement a successful technology advancement effort in the Aluminum production industry. SUBODH brings a rare combination of charisma and deep technical acumen to the field of energy efficiency and technology development. I would partner with SUBODH any time. He is a dynamo!! When I partnered with SUBODH, I was the Department of Energy official leading the nation's efforts to reduce industrial energy consumption by 25%. SUBODH was the major reason that we achieved our goals in the Aluminum industry."

Buddy Garland
Program Manager
US Department of Energy

"Subodh was a driving force behind the Sloan Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry at the University of Kentucky. It was a great pleasure to partner with him on the development of the grant and get the Center off the ground. He has enormous energy and a true passion for his work, is knowledgeable, and exhibited great devotion to his employees. He is a doer and I would gladly work with him again on any project."

Paul Jarley
Dean College of Business
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Dr. H. Wayne Hayden, Tennessee, USA

Director of Materials Processing


  • 1999 to Present :
    MMPaCT, Inc (Metals Manufacturing, Processing, and Control Technologies)
    12726 Edgebrook Way
    Knoxville, TN 37922-5599
    Title: Managing Director

  • 1987 to 1999:
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Metals and Ceramics Division
    Oak Ridge, TN 37831
    Titles:Manager, Engineering Materials Section - 6/93
    Asst. Manager, Engineering Materials Section - 2/92
    Program Manager, AVLIS Feed and Materials - 3/90
    Group Leader, Enrichment Materials - 12/88
    Manager, AVLIS Uranium Feed Processing - 1/88

  • 1980 to 1987:
    85 John Day Dam Road
    Goldendale, WA 98620
    Titles: Manager Special Projects - '84 to '87
    Reduction Manager, The Dalles Plant - '80 to '82
    Technical Manager, Northwest Operations - '80 to '84

  • 1978 to 1980:
    Primary Product Division
    6801 Rockledge Drive
    Bethesda, MD 21227
    Title: Manager, Development and Technology

  • 1972 to 1978 :
    1450 S. Rolling Road
    Baltimore, Md. 21227
    Titles: Associate Director - '76 to '78
    Principal Scientist - '72 to '76

  • 1963 to 1972:
    Paul D. Merica Research Laboratory
    Sterling Forest
    Suffern, NY 10901
    Titles: Research Associate
    Research Metallurgist

  • 1960 to 1963 :
    Department of Metallurgy
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Titles: Research Associate
    Teaching Assistant


  • 1956 to 1963:
    Department of Metallurgy
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Degrees: S.B. Metallurgy - 1960
    S.M. Metallurgy - 1961
    Sc.D. Metallurgy - 1963
    Sc.D. Thesis: The Activated Sintering of Tungsten with Group VIII
    Transition Metals
    Advisors:Prof. John Wulff and Prof. Jere H. Brophy

  • 1952 to 1956:
    Greensburg, PA


Born: Greensburg, PA - June 1, 1938
Married: Kathy Ann Hayden
Children: Elise Margaret Hayden - June 30, 1970
Residence: Own Home

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, ASM-International, 2000
  • Application to Practice Award, TMS-AIME, 1999
  • Inventor of the Year, International Hall of Fame, 1993
  • Special Commendation, US Dept. of Energy, Oak Ridge Office - Sept., 1988
  • Martin Marietta Corporation - Jefferson Cup Award, 1973
  • American Society for Metals - Marcus A. Grossman Young Author Award, 1968
  • Gordon Conference Invited Speaker - 1969
  • Invited Speaker, Numerous symposia on process metallurgy
  • Honorary & Professional Societies: Sigma Xi, Tau Kappa Alpha, AIME, ASM, SAE, ASTM
  • Board Member, Center for Research and Technology of ASME
  • Member of Honors and Award Committee, TMS, AIME
  • Maryville College, National Advisory Committee

Professional Achievements

MMPaCT, Inc.
1999 to Present

  • Founder and Managing Director of new organization incorporated in the State of Tennessee. MMPaCT’s business on consultation and technical program development in the broad field of the metals, materials, and processing industries.
  • Established contracts and business relations with several commercial and public entities including:
    • ARCO Aluminum, Louisville, KY
    • Applied Cryogenic Solutions, Galveston, TX
    • ChemTAG AS, Høvik, Norway
    • Douglas G. Peterson Associates, Greenfield, MA
    • EXAL Corp., Youngstown, Ohio
    • Lockheed Martin Corporation, Fort Worth, TX
    • Sealy, Inc.
    • Secat, Inc., Lexington, KY
    • Tennessee Technology University, Cookeville, TN
    • Tennessee, Department of Economic and Community Development
    • US Department of Energy Office of Industrial Technology
    • Webb, Ziesenheim, Logsdon, Orkin & Hanson, PC, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Assisted the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development on a successful proposal to US DOE for a State Industry of the Future program focused on the Aluminum and Aluminum Casting industries.
  • Assisted teams including Secat, Inc., several of their member aluminum companies, national laboratories, and academia on numerous major proposals for R&D funding submitted to US DOE-OIT. Several of these proposals were awarded, and successfully completed.
  • Worked closely with the Department of Energy in peer review teams for selecting research proposals, and teams for assessing research portfolios.
  • Provided technical expertise to major industrial insurance carriers on determining appropriate settlements for multi-million dollar claims involving materials processing operations.
  • Working closely with several start-up companies for implementation of novel processing technologies.


1987 to 1999

  • Manager of Engineering Materials Section of the Metals and Ceramics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory with administrative responsibilities for a staff of 50 persons from 5 Research Groups.
  • Manager of the Metals Processing User Facility, MPLUS, which provides industrial access to advanced metals processing and diagnostic facilities in-place at ORNL.
  • Through interactions with private industry (including several divisions of Lockheed Martin Corporation); trade associations; professional societies; academia; the US Department of Energy; and other Departments of the US government (including DoD, DOC, DOT) have had prime responsibility for development of new programs largely from new funding sources leading to total funding exceeding $10.0 million since fiscal year 1995.
  • Funded by Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems to provide assistance in the development of offset programs to support the LMTAS effort for the proposed $2.5 billion sale of advanced F-16 fighter aircraft to Norway.
  • Member of the DOE/Aluminum Industry needs assessment and roadmapping teams for the development of Industries of the Future program. Member of temas for magnesium and titanium industries.
  • National Leader for the Metals Recycle team for the D&D ID Strategic Plan Technical Support Group.
  • Manager for Metals technology programs under the EE Materials for Lightweight Vehicles Program.
  • Responsible for new Metals and Ceramics Division initiatives including:
    • DOE/Aluminum Industry Technical Partnership
    • Metals Recycle
  • Management responsibilities for the development of new processes for the production of metallic uranium to offer substantial cost savings over present metallothermic methods.
  • Management responsibilities for chairing a focused team for transferring an advanced uranium production process to private industry.
  • Responsible for development and evaluation studies on special materials as required for advanced enrichment processes.
  • Consultant to the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Office, on a program for the decontamination processing and marketing of radiologically contaminated metallic scrap materials held at various DOE sites.
  • Assisted several groups within DOE on the evaluation of R&D proposals submitted by commercial and academic groups for funding on advanced programs for energy conservation in the metals industry.


1972 to 1987

  • On a one-year special assignment to the Comalco Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia, developed a commercially feasible method for the recovery of fluoride values from spent cathode liners from aluminum reduction cells. The process is based on a patent held jointly with Dr. B.W. Gamson.
  • Managed a series of related projects directed to the improvement of anode operations at The Dalles, OR and Goldendale, WA reduction plants. These included:
    • Pilot testing followed by full-scale operation of VSS dry anode technologies developed by Mitsubishi Light Metals Industries, Ltd. This successful technology transfer required close collaborative dealings with the technical and engineering staffs of MLI.
    • Identification of the nature and causes of serious quality deficiencies in the petroleum coke aggregate and coal tar pitch binder materials received from original suppliers.
    • Specified required quality levels for improved anode opera¬tions. Identified sources of acceptable materials which were demonstrated in plant pilot tests prior to full-scale successful operations.
    • Established a formalized raw material specific¬ation and quality control system for ongoing plant operations.
  • Managed cell lines operations at The Dalles Reduction Plant with responsibility for a staff of over 200 hourly and professional personnel.
  • Responsible for successfully obtaining federal and state environ¬mental permits for construction of a $125 million expansion to the Goldendale, WA plant, and the construc¬tion of a $17 million alumina unloading facility in Portland, OR.
  • Developed process modifications to the existing secondary water scrubbing systems at the Goldendale Reduction Plant involving a method of water recycle, controlled bleed stream and chemical treatment. The modification enabled the expanded plant operation to comply with EPA new source water effluent limitations for fluorides.
  • In a joint program with the University of Utah (funded by NSF-RANN) co-developed a patented process for the hydrometallurgical recovery of copper from chalcopyrite concentrates.
  • Co-authored papers establishing a fracture mechanics-based understanding of hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking of high strength steels, titanium and aluminum alloys.
  • Managed program for the specification, installation and operation of a cell line process control system at Goldendale, WA. A similar system was subsequently installed at The Dalles, OR
  • Managed a program for the successful development of a process for reducing iron impurity levels in the alumina produced at the refinery at St. Croix, USVI.
  • Managed Martin Marietta Laboratories efforts in joint programs with the Lewisport, KY Rolling Mill for the specification of a dross recovery system; new cold rolling mill including automatic gage and flatness control systems; new two-coat coil coating operations.
  • Assisted sales and marketing personnel on a wide variety of customer service programs.


1963 to 1972

  • Co-inventor of the composite material presently used for U.S. coinage.
  • Co-inventor of a family of nickel-base and stainless steel alloys and the special methods for processing these alloys to produce extremely fine-grained, two-phase (microduplex) microstructures. These alloys have unique combinations of properties compared to conventional grades, including:
    • Room-temperature yield and fatigue strengths nearly double those of conventional grades combined with high ductility, toughness, weldability and corrosion resistance.
    • Through controlled thermo-mechanical process¬ing, the alloys can exhibit superplastic behavior at elevated temperatures. Alternate processing renders the same material creep resistant at elevated materials. These studies were the precursor of present technologies for superplastic processing of nickel-base alloys for high-temperature application.
  • In a series of published papers, developed a general theory of superplasticity which is in quantitative and qualitative agreement with results for a wide variety of alloy systems.
  • Demonstrated that the previously believed inherent hot shortness of two phase stainless steels can be eliminated by preventing the precipitation of chromium carbides through straightforward chemical controls.
  • Developed high-strength composite materials based on maraging steels having vastly improved resistance to crack propagation under stress corrosion, impact and fatigue conditions compared to homogeneous materials.
  • Demonstrated the general role of austenite stabilizing elements (nickel and platinum group metals) for improving the toughness and cleavage resistance of iron and steel.


1960 to 1963

  • Co-authored a textbook on the mechanical behavior of materials which has been widely used for undergraduate courses in materials science throughout the world. Translations have been published in Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Performed basic studies leading to an understanding of the role of Group VIII transition metals in accelerating the rates of sinter¬ing tungsten powders.
  • Taught Freshman, Upperclass and Graduate level courses in labora¬tory, recitation and lecture situations.


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