"Subodh Das has wealth of experience, particularly in the field of Aluminum, has worked on various assignments in the field of aluminum, sustainability, and environment."

Sachin Satpute
Novelis- Korea

"Subodh is extremely knowledgeable about his space and added tremendous value to an aluminum-related transaction we executed at Houlihan Lokey in 2009. Our metals practice would definitely consider hiring Subodh again for diligence support, operations analysis, industry overviews or other expert assistance within the aluminum and light metals industries."

Michael Jenny
Executive Vice President
Houlihan Lokey

"I have known Subodh for several years as he has made several presentations at Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market conferences including events in Chicago, Detroit, and Vienna. He will also be speaking at our International Aluminum Conference in Bahrain. With many years of experience in diverse roles within the global aluminum industry, Subodh is knowledgeable in the several areas of the aluminum process."

Raju Daswani
Managing Director
Metal Bulletin

"SUBODH developed a creative approach to solve the nation's dependence on foreign oil and brought together a group of Fortune 500 CEOs to implement a successful technology advancement effort in the Aluminum production industry. SUBODH brings a rare combination of charisma and deep technical acumen to the field of energy efficiency and technology development. I would partner with SUBODH any time. He is a dynamo!! When I partnered with SUBODH, I was the Department of Energy official leading the nation's efforts to reduce industrial energy consumption by 25%. SUBODH was the major reason that we achieved our goals in the Aluminum industry."

Buddy Garland
Program Manager
US Department of Energy

"Subodh was a driving force behind the Sloan Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry at the University of Kentucky. It was a great pleasure to partner with him on the development of the grant and get the Center off the ground. He has enormous energy and a true passion for his work, is knowledgeable, and exhibited great devotion to his employees. He is a doer and I would gladly work with him again on any project."

Paul Jarley
Dean College of Business
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Dr. John A. S. Green, Maryland, USA

Director of Sustainability & Corrosion Science

John A. S. Green, PhD. FASM
Some examples of Dick’s consulting engagements include:

General Background

John Green has been involved with various facets of the aluminum industry for 40 years. This involvement has spanned research, development, and technology, and more recently management and consulting activities. Areas of general interest throughout his career have included:
  • aluminum corrosion and mechanisms of stress-corrosion cracking,
  • alumina quality and purity in refining,
  • advanced cathodes and cell design in aluminum smelting,
  • technical service and failure analysis,
  • development of industrial Visions and technology Roadmaps,
  • life cycle assessments and coordination,
  • scrap sorting, recycling and aluminum sustainability.

Specific Technology Experience

For the past 8 years, John Green has served as Consultant to The Aluminum Association, The Metal Powders Industry Federation, The Industrial and Transportation Offices of the Department of Energy, Secat and to some half dozen additional organizations most of which are related to the aluminum industry.

For the prior 5 years (1996-2001), he was VP-Technology, The Aluminum Association, the trade association for the North American industry located in Washington, D C. Here, in response to challenges from The Department of Energy, he was instrumental in coordinating and developing the series of technology Visions and Roadmaps for the aluminum industry, and for coordinating the response of the industry to the DOE Industries of the Future program. In total, he was intimately involved in the production of some 7 vision and roadmap documents for critical aspects of the aluminum industry. As a result, through ensuing technology solicitations, more than $100 million of cost shared R&D has been conducted to enhance the energy efficiency of the domestic industry. In addition, he was also responsible for the coordinating the aluminum industry Life Cycle Assessment at the request of US Auto Materials Partnership (USAMP, which involved General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler) and in conjunction with both the steel and plastics industries. This study highlighted both the energy and environmental advantages of using light metals in automotive fabrication and assembly and anticipated the considerable subsequent growth in the use of aluminum in automotive applications. This LCA study has since become the basis of a global sustainability study being undertaken by the International Aluminum Institute in London. In addition, at the Aluminum Association, he had overall responsibility for the promulgation of industry standards, health and safety issues, university interactions, and general technology issues.

For the prior 29 years, he was with Lockheed Martin and its predecessor, Martin Marietta Corporation. During this period, he was Director, Advanced Materials for Lockheed Martin for some 12 years, and before that, Director, R&D for Martin Marietta Aluminum Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary company. Three critical projects during this period were the development of Al-Li Weldalite alloys (AA2195) for cryogenic applications in NASA’s External Tank (saving some 5000 lbs. weight in the overall space shuttle system) and Titan space launch systems; the conduct of a series of R&D contracts for the Office of Naval Research to develop an understanding of stress-corrosion mechanisms in aluminum alloys; and the development of TiB2 cathode coatings and sloping cell designs for low energy smelting cells. This latter smelting technology was eventually acquired by Comalco in Australia (now Rio Tinto) and facets of the technology are now being used in smelters in Australia and New Zealand.


John Green received his PhD from The Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland in Electrochemistry, and conducted Post-doctoral studies in corrosion mechanisms at both Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, PA and at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Recognition and Awards

  • He is a Fellow of ASM International and has published some 115 papers in fields of corrosion, materials science and aluminum technology.
  • Recently, he also edited a sourcebook on “Aluminum Recycling and Processing for Energy Conservation and Sustainability” for ASM International
  • He was awarded the TMS Leadership award in 2001, the JOM Award of the Light Metals Division of TMS for 1997; both awards related to the development of industrial technology for the aluminum industry.
  • Previously, he was awarded the A.B. Campbell Award of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers and the Distinguished Young Scientist Award of the Maryland Academy of Sciences. He holds 2 patents in aluminum process technology.

Key Publications and References

Visions and Technology Roadmaps

  • “Industry / Government Partnerships for the Future”, Vision document for the Aluminum industry. Publ. by the Aluminum Association, Washington, D.C. March, 1996. Coordinated by J.A.S. Green
  • "Technology Roadmap for the Aluminum Industry", by H.S.Kenchington, J.L.Eisenhauer, and J.A.S. Green, JOM, Aug.1997, p.18
  • "Inert Anode Roadmap – Framework for Technology Development", publ. by the Aluminum Association, Washington, D.C. Feb 1998. Coordinated by J.A.S.Green
  • "Aluminum Industry Roadmap for the Automotive Market: Enabling Technologies and Challenges for Body Structures and Closures", publ. by the Aluminum Association, Washington, D.C., May 1999, Coordinated by J.A.S.Green.

Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability

  • "Life Cycle Inventory Report for the North American Aluminum Industry", Compiled by Roy F. Weston, publ. by the Aluminum Association, Washington, D.C., Publication AT2, Nov. 1998. Coordinated by J.A.S. Green
  • "Life Cycle Inventory Report for the North American Aluminum Industry – with emphasis on Casting and Rolling", by Ken Martchek, Steve Pomper and John Green. Proc. of Int’l Conf. on Rolling and Fabrication, Baltimore, May 1999, publ. by the Aluminum Association, p.395
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  • "Recyclable Rolled Aluminum – Building Blocks for Sustainability", by John Green and Michael Skillingberg, Light Metal Age, August 2006, p.33

Aluminum Industry

  • "U.S. Energy Requirements for Aluminum Production: Historical Perspective, Theoretical Limits and New Opportunities", by William T. Choate and John A.S. Green, Nov. 2002 for U.S. Dept of Energy, OIT, publ. on OIT website
  • vTechnoeconomic Assessment of the Carbothermic Reduction Process for Aluminum Production: Established versus Future Technologies", by John Green, Final Report to DOE, ORNL under P.O.# 4000031177, May 2005; also with William Choate, presented at TMS 2006, San Antonio, TMS Light Metals, p.445.
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  • Sandy DeWeese, Shridas Ningelri, Subodh Das and John Green, "Stress Corrosion Cracking in Aluminum Beverage Can Ends: Issues, Observations and Potential Solutions," publ. in JOM, May 2008, p. 50-57


  • "Scrap Sorting of Automotive Shards" Annual Report of USAMP #232 submitted to DOE, by Adam Gesing and John Green, Automotive Aluminum Alliance, 2002.
  • "Recycling of Aluminum from Building and Construction (B&C) Applications", by Subodh Das, John Green, and J.G. Kaufman, TMS Light Metals , 2008
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Corrosion and Oxidation

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Books and Patents

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  • "New Materials for Next Generation Transports", Publication NMAB-476, Nat. Academy Press, Washington , D.C., 1996, by Committee on New Materials for Advanced Civil Aircraft, chaired by John Green
  • "Aluminum Recycling and Processing for Energy Conservation and Sustainability", published by ASMInternational, Dec.2007, Lib. of Congress #2007932444, 267 pages, edited by John Green.
  • "Developing a Technical Roadmap on Automotive Lightweight Metals Recycling" Workshop Summary Report compiled for DOE, Argonne National Laboratory by John Green under subcontract # 8F-02061, see ANL website, Dec 2008
  • "Method for Removing Ferrous Iron from Alkali Metal Aluminate Liquor", J. A.S. Green and S.A.Loynaz, U.S. Patent 4,083,925.
  • "Low Energy Aluminum Reduction Cell with Induced Bath Flow", L.G. Boxall, B.W.Gamson, J.A.S. Green, and S. Traugott, U.S. Patent 4,602,990.